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Pen & Paper: Project Planning Basics

Whether you’re a sticky notes, notes app, Google keep or pen & paper person we all at some point or another need to create lists or reminders for ourselves. A lot of times these lists are how we begin planning for upcoming events or to do’s. While I don’t consider myself a project planning expert there are a few things that I believe are necessary. Also, after 15 years in business and education I’ve learned a thing or two about proposals and planning that are going to be very helpful during this One Room Challenge.

Money, Money, Money: What’s your Budget looking like?

Now, like I said last week, the major hindrance in me participating in past One Room Challenges has been money. So if you’re wondering…no I didn’t all of a sudden hit the lottery…so I don’t have big bucks to throw at a room makeover. I’ve given myself a budget of $1000 to complete this project and have been using google sheets to manage it all.

I know there are a plethora of project planning apps out there but Ima 90’s girl who grew up on excel. Operating in google sheets is comfortable for me, So ima make it do what it do. I started with the budget I set for myself and then deep dived onto Beyoncé’s Internet to see what I can find to carry out this room makeover. Now it’s one thing to set a budget and another thing to track your actual expenses. Ya👏🏾 need👏🏾 to👏🏾 do👏🏾 boaf👏🏾 of👏🏾 em👏🏾…OKAY!

Keeping track of the expenses is the part where multiverses collide…I usually update my budget daily, and when I’m doing a shopping day it can happen several times a day. Above is a visual of what my current budget looks like. If you know sweet baby Jesus…pray I stick to it.

Time flies when you’re having fun: What is your execution timeline?

Next when project planning you need to set an execution timeline. A lot of folks will tell you to start with the end and work backwards. So this project ends May 28th and with week 1 being filled with research and setting the mood, I have 7 weeks left to carry out this vision. So I jotted the dates down in my hand dandy notebook also known as google sheets.

I then came up with a realistic weekly to-do list for what I want to accomplish. Will it all happen as planned…of course not…but at least I have one and it will help me work smarter not harder. This second week was an ambitious one for me and it’s not over but if y’all can keep a secret, come closer. I’m already a little behind. Whew chileeeeee, but you ain’t heard that from me!

Here is my high level timeline for completion and some photos of what week 2 has looked like for me.

  • Week 1 - April 5th: Create a budget, make a plan and set the mood-board

  • Week 2 - April 12th: Create visuals for space, retail therapy, demo, prep & paint

  • Week 3 - April 19th: All things Faux: putting up a brick wall

  • Week 4 - April 26th: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: using what I got to achieve the look I want

  • Week 5 - May 3rd: It’s the hook for me: Finishing the closet upgrade & building a dresser part 1

  • Week 6 - May 10th: It’s the hook for me: Finishing the closet upgrade & building a dresser part 2

  • Week 7 - May 17th: Work, Work, Work, Work: building a workstation and relaxation area

  • Week 8 - May 24th - 28th! FINALE: final staging and cleanup.

Here are some before pictures of the space. The million dollar question, how long did it stay this clean?

Then it was time time to put my debit card to work at some retail therapy. Not the retail I want but its what I got for now. Can you teel by the "taco cart" where I got the building material from?

After prepping the space we started putting in work. We chose Deep Viridian from Behr for the room color. My younger bigger brother was in town and he didn't even need a ladder to reach the ceiling 🙌🏾

To see how week 2 is going for us all click the logo below to head on over and look for yourself. So glad to not be in this alone. You can also see featured challenges via Apartment Therapy the official Media Partner.

Wondering what was my daughter's reaction to the paint job? Check out my ORC Highlights on my Instagram, and while you're there hit the follow button 😉. Make sure to check back next week for how we put up the faux brick wall.

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