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One Room Challenge Spring 2023 Week 1

Now, how I’m supposed to go from sporadically writing blogs to being consistent with them for 8 weeks…Nobody but God can help me with this. 

I’m a high key procrastinator that thrives off of deadlines. Is there such a thing? I’m not sure but that’s probably the best way to describe my approach to this pending deadline in 8 weeks. When I first started The Home That Sows, in 2021, I heard of the One Room Challenge and immediately wanted to do it but my bank account said immediately no. If you’ve never heard of it before, it's an 8 week long challenge, where you basically compete against yourself with the support of other participants, to complete a room in your home. Click the image to learn more about it and view other participants.

You can also see featured challenges via Apartment Therapy the official Media Partner.

So quick backstory... I’ve been in my home for 2 years officially on April 8th. How many of us know it’s one thing to get the house and a whole other thing to decorate and furnish it. After two years it’s finally time to begin sowing into our home and give this builder grade an update. To be honest, not jumping right into upgrading it was probably for the best. Not just for my bank account but also because since then I’ve grown so much as a DIYER and have more confidence in my ability to execute the vision I plan to accomplish. 

Now most people would probably start with a common area of the house but for me it made more sense to start with Amira’s, my oldest daughter’s, room. Cue cute pictures: (top: 7 months old... doesn't her face look like the baby Dinosaur from that show Dinosaurs on ABC.. "not the mama" 😂)

(left to right: Sweet 16 in NY; 6th grade prom; 10th grade trunk or treat... peep the Slytherin robe...🤦🏾‍♀️)

My daughter Amira is 16 and in her junior year of high school. With senior year approaching and the college search beginning I wanted her to have an oasis all of her own. I know my time with her under my roof is almost coming to a close and I want her to have some of the things I didn't have growing up, even if it’s just for a year. 

Amira is like me in many ways so she has been very open about what she would want in a room and even in an loft apartment or condo eventually. So with all of that in mind, including her love for Harry Potter and the Slytherin house, we came up with an industrial rustic theme.

Ladies and gentlemen #issamoodboard

Not bad for my first attempt at making one of these. I used Canva, which I currently have a Pro membership for, to design all of the features. What I love is it actually came with some of the pictures and then Pinterest & google held me down with some of the rest. Feel free to I love the way it all turned out and can’t wait to share the behind the scenes of this bedroom and closet makeover.

Now make sure you subscribe to follow along so y 'all can hold me accountable to sticking to this vision and my budget 🙌🏾. For a more detailed look join me me on Instagram and TikTok.

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