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Relocation Agenda: Write the Vision

What makes it a leap of faith? Is it the action of the leap or the existence of trust that it will all come together even when you have doubts?

Moving is challenging enough without the additives of a new state, a new job, new schools for kids and the list goes on. I often get asked why I left NY and why I chose NC…would you believe me if I told you the truth. Would you believe me if I said God told me to! I know, I sound crazy and most of you are ready to stop reading and write me off as an over-spiritual Jesus freak…but it’s my truth.

As I seeked God for guidance a nd discernment he began to download so much into me. I began to write down all the things he shared with me, one time I even had to stop driving and pull over. That’s when he told me it was time to leave NY. What was my response… I didn’t write it down, I pretended as if I didn’t hear him.

How, how do you seek God, asking to hear him more and then act like you didn’t hear what he said. Well that wasn’t what I wanted to hear, so I thought of all the reasons why not:

  • I have a secure job that pays well and is investing in my professional growth.

  • I will take a huge pay cut with the move ($20K to be exact)

  • My kids love their schools and have a great peer group.

  • My support system is here.

You know what happens when you doubt, and come up with reasons not to listen to the voice of God, he stops speaking to you about multiple things and stays focused on the one thing you need to be obedient about. So God’s voice didn’t get louder or go away, it got more focused, clear and concise. So I began to ask more questions and he began to provide more answers.

I had no choice but to trust and obey.

Check out the video below to see more on what happens next. Watch til the end for our praise report 🙌🏾

Full video transcript below:

Find a diverse town to live/work in ✔️

15 minute commute to work ✔️

Preferably a new build✔️

In 2019, we began to write down all the things we wanted for this new chapter in our lives. So what did we see for our family? What were we trusting God for?

Well, while we do not have everything on the list, we know to trust God’s timing and not our own.

In preparation for the move we did a lot of research about the neighborhood and school districts in Charlotte, NC. Once that was narrowed down then we began to research apartments and homes. In the midst of all this I even applied to NACA, and was approved during their Virtual Achieve the Dream weekend!! (If you know anything about NACA and how thorough and sometimes long their process can be, then you know this was no small victory) So with my approval I was paired with a real estate agent and thought I was cleared to start the home search process. So we pushed up our New York departure date from July to May and decided to stay with my mom in Raleigh so that we could be closer to Charlotte as we visited homes.

Within a week of our arrival we were informed that we were approved for the NY market and would have to wait until we earned income NC before we could begin the home search process there. Though crushed we pushed forward, found an apartment and began to explore our options with other Homeownership organizations.

This brought us to the Dream Key foundation, formerly Charlotte Mecklenburg Housing Partnership. I signed up for their homeownership course and with their guidance and support I was not only able to obtain a lender, an amazing realtor in Cynthia Walker, but also $47K in down payment assistance…insert praise break… God was showing out y'all!

The building of the house took 6 months and the closing date was pushed back 4 times...BUT GOD is real and we are here.

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