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About The Home That Sows

Sadia Vanager, owner of The Home That Sows sitting on workbench in garage workshop

My name is Sadia and I love working with my hands!


Whether cooking a meal, creating lesson plans for my students, writing out my prayers to and visions from God or building a dresser for my children’s room, my hands are never idle.

I’ve always had a love for building things. I remember watching my Jamaican grandfather do multiple odd projects around the home from gazebos, fences, remodeling bathrooms and everything in between. I didn’t realize it then, but as I got older I discovered a passion for home improvement and woodworking after reupholstering some outdoor patio furniture. It was time for the seeds planted as a child to now grow and bear fruit.

In June 2020, I took a leap of faith and uprooted my family from Long Island, NY and moved to Charlotte, NC. The Home That Sows was created to take you with us on the journey of reaping all of the things God has in store for us.


Through my business and social media platform I hope to sow DIY, home improvement & décor seeds with family, faith, laughter & love. As a mom, what I love most is that I have been able to share my love for woodworking with my children. I have seen how by tapping into my own creative element it has inspired them to express themselves by either joining me in my workshop, helping me to grow on social media or just following their own passions. 

My hope is that by sharing my journey, I spread seeds that inspire you to step out on faith, nurture your natural talents and have fun in the process. 

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