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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans

In July, 2021 when I first made the decision to launch a business, my initial goal was to showcase my journey turning my first purchased home from builder grade to custom made. I also knew that I really do have a passion for woodworking and wanted to develop my skills by taking classes and learning how to operate different types of machinery.

So when I started to brainstorm names for the business, I knew I wanted it to include the words home or house and incorporate my faith. I probably came up with about 20 different names before finally landing on “The Home That Sows”. I believe in God and know the power of sowing seeds will lead to the reaping of an harvest. All the Do-It-Yourself projects I take on are seeds, as are the the tools I buy, my social media posts and client builds. But it's not enough to plant the seeds but you also have to take care of your field by watering and pruning to ensure that your plants bring forth fruit.

As much as I trust and believe in God, I had to admit and accept that when I took the leap of faith and started “The Home that Sows” I did not seek and pray on the same level as I did when making the decision to move to NC. I started it to share my journey of my home improvements and showcase the DIY furniture builds. Well if you ever want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans. As I started to grow and learn over the course of these six months I realized that I needed to get reconnected to God and seek him about what his plans for the business are. It was time to be watered.

I will say, when I took a step back from what my vision was and got connected to God’s vision he downloaded so much into me that I really didn’t even know how to receive it. What started as a desire, before winter break to create some home goods items has now been upgraded, by God, in a major way.

So, I am going to step out on faith and put the vision in this blog and trust God to bless and multiply it. The Home That Sows is not just meant to take you on a journey of my home. It is truly a God given affirmation and manifestation for all Homes. From the boards you cut food on to the spoons that serve feast to feed your family, do everything with love and intention. Make your home The Home That Sows.

In 2022, I look forward to learning how to create home good products such as cutting boards, charcuterie boards, mixing & serving spoons, fruit bowls and so much more. Stay tuned and make sure to follow along to see how our seeds planted begin to bring forth fruit.

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