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It’s not when you start, it’s that you start!

Why do I DIY?

So I am cheap...there, I said it. While I know I can’t build everything, YET, I have always enjoyed creating things with my hand. In my about me I talk a little about my grandfather who had his own construction company. At home, when we needed something fixed, built or remodeled we didn’t call someone, he did it or brought in his workers to do it.

Now while my plan (Not God's plan) isn't to go into construction, it doesn’t hurt to know that if you can’t afford a fence that you can build one yourself. But I was not as handy as my grandfather or at least I didn’t believe I was. I was the type of person who watched all things HGTV, property brothers, flip or flop, tiny house, fixer upper, etc. I was a great “Watcher” and had so many ideas…I became a dreamer! The person that always says when I, like when I get some money or when I get a bigger space or when I get my own house. I lived in the space of “when I” for many years.

There were so many things I wanted and as a family of 5 living in a basement apartment we either couldn’t afford it or couldn’t fit it. This led to so many negative thoughts and feelings… and then I began to do little projects around the house. It started out simple with replacing a shower head, then cleaning and landscaping my front yard, then reupholstering some furniture and so on. Then in February 2015, breakthrough…

In an effort to increase our space utilization we remodeled our second room in the basement. (Pictures to come) As a part of the remodeling I built this bookshelf/desk for my oldest daughter. There was a nook in the corner of the room that was perfect for it. So the planning began, I measured my space and did a mark up drawing of what it would look like. Then I started to do my measurement estimate for wood, screws, paint etc. I visited my local Salvation Army to find the perfect chair to use. I also went to my local fabric store to get the cushions, cloth and buttons needed to reupholster the chair.

I had my work cut out for me but I think it came out pretty good for my first time doing that. I’m in the process of planning out my builds for the new house and this is one that I can’t wait to redo but better.


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